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Bauamtsgasse 7 69117 Heidelberg

It’s Friday night and the Christmas events are in full swing in Germany.  Luckily, if you feel the need to escape the noise and stress of the holiday season, you can escape to a quiet, pleasant restaurant off the main street in Heidelberg.


Being inside the Schnitzelbank restaurant, you get an eerie feeling as if you are sitting in a secret underground hideout dating back to historic times.  Vintage photographs and drawings adorn the walls around.  The aged, wooden tables are so worn out from countless uses that you can only wonder which famous historic figures have set foot here.  People’s names, initials, and lover’s heart shapes from years past are deeply engraved into the benches (hence the name ‘Schnitzelbank’: Schnitzel meaning carve and bank meaning bench).  Even the method of transferring food from the kitchen to the dining area is old-fashioned – there is a dumbwaiter used to convey dishes from the bottom floor to the ground level.  It’s certainly a unique dining experience here.

The menu is elegantly presented in a large, brown folder.  There are numerous dishes to choose, including traditional favorites and regional fare.  A wide variety of wines are also available.


Order the 13,90 € Schnitzel “Art des Hauses” (House Special Schnitzel) and you get a fresh salad, home-made Spätzle, and two pieces of fine pork cutlets.  Instead of Spätzle, it is possible to request fried potatoes (Bratkartoffeln).

First, the accompanying salad – large whole leaves of red leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, chopped red cabbage, a slice of cucumber, and a tomato wedge – comes completely drenched in a salty vinaigrette.  Not what I was expecting.  Although all of the ingredients are fresh, the dressing utterly annihilates the natural flavor of the individual components.  One bite and I find myself reaching for my drink.


This aggressiveness continues on in the main dish.  The schnitzel is consumed by mounds of sliced button mushrooms and dark, aromatic cream sauce.  When the plate comes to the table, you are left searching for the meat.  Also unexpected is the lack of breadcrumbs on the schnitzel.  With the intense flavor of the cream sauce, however, it makes sense that the pork isn’t breaded.  The meat is cooked well and seasoned properly, although it can be a chore to cut through at times.  The mushrooms add a flavor and texture to the dish that complements the schnitzel rather well.  Overall, however, the dish lacks focus.  Piling on the mushrooms isn’t exactly a good thing.  You will be left wondering, “Am I eating mushrooms with schnitzel or schnitzel with mushrooms?”

One bright spot is the fried potatoes.  They are buttery and crisp, browned to perfection.  There are also hints of grilled onions mixed in with the spuds, providing an added sweetness.  These potatoes are absolutely delicious and worth the substitution!

As a wine bar that boasts having a lot of history, Schnitzelbank could do better.  As a restaurant, it still has lots of room for improvement.  For now, it would be best to leave the schnitzel in the bank and invest elsewhere.



Schnitzelbank is a historic German wine bar and restaurant serving up regional and national dishes in a cozy, old fashioned environment.  Generous portion sizes.

Hours: Monday – Friday 5:00 PM – 1 AM
            Saturday – Sunday 11:30 AM – 1 AM

Overall – 3 stars

  • Salad – 2/5
  • Schnitzel “Art des Hauses” – 3/5
  • Bratkartoffeln (Pan-Fried Potatoes ) – 5/5
  • Service – 5/5



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November 27th, 2009 at 9:12 pm


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Falafel Heidelberg  Falafel Restaurant

Merianstraße 3 69117 Heidelberg

“Are you okay with the music?” asked the lone Syrian worker behind the counter as Arabic tunes echoed throughout the restaurant.  I nodded in approval as I enjoyed a sip of Arabic tea and a bite of my falafel wrap.  This is the scene at Falafel restaurant, where the ambiance is casual and the food is remarkable.

The menu board here is relatively small, which is not a bad thing at all.  You can choose an assortment of items to be stuffed in flatbread (mit Brot) or different types of entrées on plates (auf Teller).  They also have various salads and a few dessert items.  Drinks are rather inexpensive.  However, what makes this place unique is the free hot Arabic tea.  That’s right.  I said free!  There is a small table in the corner with glass cups, a large tea kettle, and sugar cubes to sweeten your drink as desired.  The tea is unusually addicting.

Falafels here at Falafel are, as expected, fantastic.  Although I have only eaten falafel once before, I was completely blown away by the taste and texture of the spiced chickpeas here.

  Falafel mit Halloumi_SM

At 3,70 €, the Falafel with Halloumi cheese in flatbread is a definite hit.  Upon placing your order, the falafel is scooped into balls and deep fried.  Sticks of halloumi cheese, which has a high smoking point, are also put into the deep fryer.  Next, the cook smears red tomato sauce on a soft, thin sheet of flatbread, adds the falafel balls, presses down to spread them out, places a couple of tomato slices and a handful of shredded lettuce inside, scoops a generous amount of Tzatziki sauce on top, sprinkles some chopped parsley on top, folds the bread over like a wrap, and then places it inside a sandwich press.  The end result is a falafel sandwich wrap with eye catching grill marks.

The combination of falafel, halloumi cheese, assorted vegetables, and yogurt sauce is undeniably delicious.  The wrap is reminiscent of a burrito – the falafel acts like ground beef, the red sauce spicy resembling salsa, cheese adding a flavor boost, and the vegetables granting a crunchy consistency.  Unlike ground beef, however, the falafel has a crunchy texture and a distinctive flavor that had my taste buds dancing in excitement.


Order the 4,70 € chicken breast plate and you get a platter with a small portion of salad, Tzatziki sauce, hummus, chunks of tender chicken breast, and a thin piece of flatbread.  The salad consists of sliced carrots, thinly sliced cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and green onions with scattered pepper flakes, all tossed in a vinaigrette.  In terms of taste, there isn’t anything special about it.  The hummus with olive oil is decent.  Unfortunately, the cook was a bit too aggressive in sprinkling the cumin on top.  The chicken breast – tender and bursting with juice – is terrific, although you only get about twelve small chunks.  You only get one piece of bread, so you end up with an excess of dips without anything to eat it with.  How sad.

Nonetheless, Falafel restaurant definitely serves up some of the best falafels in Heidelberg.  Add in a cozy atmosphere, fresh ingredients, reasonable prices, and free tea and you have a winner in the heart of the Heidelberg Altstadt.  It’s a nice alternative to the Döner Kebabs in Germany.



Falafel, located at the corner of Heugasse and Merianstraße in front of a large church, is an Arabic restaurant specializing in, you guessed it, falafel.  The prices here are extremely affordable.  Free tea!

Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30 AM – 11 PM

Overall – 4.5 stars

  • Falafel mit Halloumi (Falafel with Halloumi cheese, wrapped inside thin flatbread) – 5/5
  • Hähnchenbrust auf Teller (Chunks of Chicken Breast on a plate with hummus and flatbread on the side) – 4/5
  • Arabic Tea – 5/5
  • Service – 5/5

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November 26th, 2009 at 9:07 pm

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Mandy’s Burger

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Mandys Fastfood Center  Mandys Burger

Speyerer Straße 1 69115 Heidelberg

It has been nearly three months since my plane touched down in Germany and I have yet to touch a single burger, let alone be in the proximity of one.  Until today.  On a Friday night.  A cold winter day.  Here in Heidelberg.  At Mandy’s Fast Food Center.


Mandy’s Burger is more than a typical fast food eatery.  Sure, they have a service counter typical of fast food restaurants.  But enter the dining area and you will notice that the seating and design is stylish and chic – a stark contrast to the greasy food being served up.  The place has several arcades and a couple of slot machines, which makes the place confusing.  Is it a family friendly place?  Or an upscale diner?  Maybe it’s a mix of both.

Like pretty much all major fast food chains, Mandy’s Burger has special value meals that can be easily ordered by saying a single number.  For example, order Menu 1 and you will get a double burger (your choice of a double patty hamburger, double cheeseburger, or double Heidelberger), a small order of fries, and a small drink.  8 your lucky number?  Then that will you get a Heidelberger with cheese, fries, and a beverage.  Size wise, think kid’s meal.


The burgers are a disappointment.  A Heidelberger comes with a hamburger patty, 1 slice of tomato, lettuce, Heidelberg sauce – an orange-red sauce reminiscent of In-N-Out sauce – all in between a sesame seed bun.  The side ingredients are entirely let down by the main component of the burger – the meat.  The beef patty is made up of what appears to be minced meat, rather than ground beef.  The texture is odd, tasting more like Salisbury steak that came from a TV dinner.  In fact, one bite and you can tell that the meat has been frozen.  Simply upsetting.  Overall, the taste of the burger is okay, but it’s hard to get over the soft texture.

However, the other items on the menu, particularly the chicken nuggets, are marvelous.  The fries are rather thick and lightly salted.  Good flavor, reminding me of potato chips.  The chicken nuggets are surprisingly delicious.  They aren’t your typical fast food nuggets.  These are made with real chicken breast meat with crunchy breading.  Unexpected is the type of coating used – it tastes like crushed corn flakes.  The nuggets are not uniformly shaped, so that is also a good indication that they aren’t made up of processed meat.  Get the nuggets hot and crispy and they will remind you of hot wings.  Absolutely appetizing.


The service here is excellent.  The female cashier taking my order was patient and kept a smile despite some communication problems.  Upon service, the cook declared it was his first day on the job.  Despite forgetting some items that needed reminding, the fact that the nuggets came piping hot and delicious earns him an A+ in my book.  Even though the menu lists prices for dipping sauce, I was given Heinz barbeque sauce without any cost.

Overall, the food is satisfactory and the prices are reasonable – Menu 8 will set you back 4,90 € while an order of chicken nuggets (9 pieces) 3,80 €.  Add on excellent service and an odd, but hip dining area and you have a fine establishment.  Even though Mandy may make her burgers differently, she knows how to make her chicken nuggets the right way.



Mandy’s Burger, located inside the Mandy’s Fast Food Center in the southern part of Heidelberg, is a quality American style burger joint featuring various types of burgers, fish sandwiches, chicken items, and sausages.  10 % Student Discount Available.  Service with a smile.

Hours: Monday – Thursday, Sunday: 11 AM – 3 AM
               Friday, Saturday: 11 AM – 4 AM

Overall – 4 stars

  • Heidelberger with Cheese – 2.5/5
  • French Fries – 3/5
  • Chicken Nuggets – 5/5
  • Service – 5/5



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November 20th, 2009 at 11:19 pm

Same Same Sushi Bar

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Steingasse 3 69117 Heidelberg

On a cold winter night in Heidelberg, I am fortunate to find shelter in a slick, modern sushi bar.  Seated at one of the blond-striped wooden benches, under the sleek lighting, while listening to trendy, upbeat music in the background, I browse through the tiny menu of Maki, Nigiri and a few other typical Japanese items.  A candle slowly burns away on top of the table.  Waiting beside the flickering flame is a lonely bottle of Yamasa soy sauce.  This is the scene at Same Same Sushi Bar.

The selection of sushi is quite limited here.  There are about ten different types of Maki sushi, each with one choice of fish, vegetable, or egg.  Each order consists of 6 bite-sized cylindrical pieces of sushi, a small dollop of wasabi, and thin slices of sweet, pickled ginger.  Each order of Nigiri comes with 2 pieces.


The Omelet Maki simply consists of a chunk of egg omelet in the middle of vinegar rice and seaweed.  The omelet has a delicate texture; however, it scarcely adds any flavor to the sushi.  The cold rice tastes excellent, exactly what is expected.  The nori seaweed is slightly moist and slimy.  Overall, the sushi tastes good, but not great.  Mixing the wasabi and the soy sauce, each piece of Maki gets an added boost in flavor.  This brand of soy sauce isn’t exactly tasty, but it’s satisfactory.  The pickled ginger is the best part of the dish.  Sweet and crunchy, it surely tasted yummy.

The Yakatori – grilled chicken skewers marinated in teriyaki sauce, with sprinkled with sesame seeds on top – comes with 3 sticks.  Although the marinade penetrates the meat extremely well, resulting in a tasty dish of poultry meat, the chicken came to my table a little bit cold.  It tasted as if it was reheated in a microwave (in fact, I could hear the sounds of a microwave humming after I placed my order).  Aside from this major drawback, the chicken is complemented well with the sesame seeds.


Same Same (which means shark in Japanese) is in a great location, steps away from the famed Old Bridge and monkey statue.  Unfortunately, the prices reflect this – the Omelet Maki costs 3,00 €, while the Yakatori 3,90 €.  For the amount of food given, this is far from a bargain.  With its mediocre food, Same Same is just tame tame.



Same Same Sushi Bar is a stylish, cozy, modern Japanese sushi bar offering a relatively small selection of Maki and Nigiri sushi.

Hours: Monday – Thursday, Sunday 12:00 PM – 10 PM 
               Friday and Saturday 12 PM – 11 PM

Overall – 2.5 Stars

  • Omelet Maki – 2/5
  • Chicken Yakatori – 3/5
  • Service – 5/5


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November 19th, 2009 at 10:33 pm

Le Café: Das Dürkheimer Kaffeehaus (Updated Review)

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Kurbrunnenstraße 9 67098 Bad Dürkheim

If you find yourself wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of a popular tourist city such as Heidelberg, you may want to consider taking a daytrip to the small, quaint city of Bad Dürkheim.  Here, you will find various shops and the occasional event to attend.  Of course, you can also enjoy some delightful German cuisine in this wonderful traditional town.

The ambiance at Le Café is absolutely magnificent.  On a beautiful day, you could sit outside and enjoy the weather behind the restaurant where there are quite a few tables available.  Otherwise, you can relax in the glowing warmth of the café.  The interior is ornamented beautifully with various paintings, decorations, and flowers.  Clean, smooth wooden tables await your company.  Some tables even have blue sofa seating, adding to the level of comfort inside.  The restaurant radiates a lovely, cozy feeling – it’s more like a home than a restaurant.  Waitresses are quick to help and service is prompt.

First meal here was the best dish I had so far in Germany.  The 8,90 EUR Bandnudeln mit Lachs-Dill-Creme fraiche (ribbon noodles in a Dill Crème Fraîche sauce with Salmon) is an absolute hit.  The ingredients are top-notch.  There are numerous chunks of delicious salmon scattered on top of thick Fettuccine type noodles, served in a rich, creamy white sauce.  The fish is delicately cooked.  The dill makes the dish come together superbly.  Chopped parsley garnishes the plate, completing the presentation.  Everything joins together in perfect harmony.

The second meal?  Well, it definitely didn’t live up to the first.  The Bandnudeln mit Shrimps in Pernodsauce (ribbon noodles tossed in a Pernod sauce, with tiny shrimp pieces) is difficult to manage.  Shrimp has a gritty and sandy texture because the digestive tract remains intact.  It is impractical to devein small shrimp, so the dish would be better served with larger pieces of shrimp.  The shrimp do not taste fresh, almost as if it came from a can.  The Pernod sauce is strikingly similar in flavor to the Crème Fraîche sauce served with the salmon.  At 9,60 EUR, you would be better served choosing the noodles with salmon.

Waiting in the display case is a wide selection of cakes and desserts, highlighted by the large cheesecake and chocolate cake.  Trying a slice of their cakes is surely recommended to end your meal.

Even if the weather is grey, a visit to Bad Dürkheim isn’t complete without a stop at Le Café.



Le Café: Das Dürkheimer Kaffeehaus is a beautiful, charming restaurant with a relatively small menu featuring various breakfast foods, excellent traditional German cuisine, and a vast assortment of mouth watering deserts. Outdoor seating available.  Restrooms quite clean.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM – 6 PM

Overall – 4.5 Stars

  • Ribbon Noodles served in a Dill Crème Fraîche Sauce with Salmon (Bandnudeln mit Lachs-Dill-Crème Fraîche) – 5/5
  • Ribbon Noodles served in a Pernod Sauce with tiny Shrimp (Bandnudeln mit Shrimps in Pernodsauce) – 3/5
  • Service – 5/5



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November 14th, 2009 at 8:22 pm

Super Fast Food

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Super Fast Food

Hauptstraße 171 69117 Heidelberg                         [OUT OF BUSINESS]

A product of superior size, quality, or grade; Very large, great, or extreme; Excellent; First-rate.  All of these terms describe the word ‘super.’  In terms of describing this fast food restaurant, however, ‘mediocre’ would have been a better choice.

The generic name of the restaurant, Fast Food, implies fast German food.  That is, Super Fast Food is just another kebab joint that also sells pizza, pasta, and schnitzel.  Upon entering the place, you are immediately greeted with the service counter.  Here, you order what you want.

Here, there are two sizes of Döner Teller (Döner Plates) – regular and small (klein).  The 5,50 € small Döner Teller is quite filling.  At 6,90 €, the normal plate is much more expensive than the other kebab restaurants along the Hauptstraße.  Like at other kebab joints, the plate comes with a side salad and your choice of fries or rice.


Unfortunately, they didn’t have rice today so I had to order French Fries.  Fortunately, upon placing my order, a new batch was put into the deep fryer, giving me hot and crunchy potato slices.  Again, the concept of fast food here is truly put into effect.  My plate was prepared quickly and I was able to enjoy my meal within minutes.  Of course, the presentation was lacking in the beauty department.

The Döner plate is simply average.  The salad includes the typical shredded lettuce, green and red cabbage, corn, red kidney beans, diced cucumbers, a banana pepper, chopped parsley, diced tomatoes, and a slice of a tomato – all covered in a creamy white salad dressing.  Surprisingly, there were no onions given.  The chicken kebab is served over the fries, with yogurt sauce slathered on top.  The chicken döner was a little bit dry; some pieces were tough.  Nonetheless, it was flavored well.  Good, but not great.

The ambiance in the dining area is also lacking.  There are a total of seven small, square tables, each with four relatively undersized chairs.  The walls are painted a bright orange color, with yellow blotches of paint.  The green and white tiled floors are cracked in some places.  There is a flat screen television toward the back, playing popular music videos (today there were videos from Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and Xavier Naidoo).  It sort of feels like a pizza parlor – a place where kids hang out after school.

Compared with ordinary fast food – hamburgers, sandwiches, and donuts – Super Fast Food definitely lives up to its name.  Döner and pasta definitely beats eating hamburgers pretty much any day of the week.  However, measured up against the other kebab joints in the area, particularly Kebab Haus next door, Super Fast Food comes up short.


Super Fast Food is your usual fast food joint serving up Döner, pizzas, schnitzel, and pasta at very low prices.  20 % Student Discounts.  Only Hähnchenfleisch (chicken) offered.


Overall – 3 stars

  • Döner Teller (Chicken Döner with Fries and salad) – 3.5/5
  • Service – 5/5


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November 12th, 2009 at 9:10 pm

Mandy’s Railway Diner

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Mandys Diner  Mandys Railway Diner

Speyerer Straße 1 69115 Heidelberg

Ever since I arrived in Germany two months ago, I have been constantly craving good American food.  After asking around and receiving numerous recommendations from several people, I found myself standing in front of a lone, red dining car at the corner of a busy intersection in Heidelberg.  The moment I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by a large American flag – a sure sign that I was at the right place.


The ambiance and service here is outstanding.  The mood is laidback and casual inside the diner.  American memorabilia is posted all over the place – antique license plates, old black and white photos, Route 66 road signs, Harley Davidson placards, cola advertisements, and posters of celebrities such as Muhammad Ali and Charlie Chaplin.  There is your typical American diner counter with bar stools, reminding you of old 50’s eateries.  Traditional pop American songs liven up the place.  Even the staff gets in on the fun.  The cook playfully sings along while Dean Martin’s ‘That’s Amore’ echoes throughout the restaurant.  My waitress came to my table with a friendly, warm smile and took my order without any problems.


Unfortunately, the food takes a backseat to the awesome surroundings.  The Diner’s Special, although a welcome sight to an American, is only mediocre.  It consists of 2 eggs, 2 bratwurst, about 6 small strips of bacon, 2 pancakes, 2 thick toast triangles, a cube of butter, a small bowl of strawberry jam, and a cup of coffee or tea.  The menu lists Spiegelei (fried eggs) as the normal style of eggs, but I requested them scrambled.

Eggs here are quite different than those in the United States.  They turn out a bit darker in color – not the bright yellow that is so characteristic of American eggs.  Regardless, the darker hue wasn’t enough to hide the fact that the scrambled eggs were overcooked.  When you see browned spots on the scrambled eggs, it’s a telltale sign they have been cooked way too long.   Some portions were tough and chewy while other pieces were more manageable.  Being an American diner, I was expecting sausage links or patties, but German bratwurst links would have to do.  Unfortunately, they were also overdone.  One side of the sausage was burnt while the other was completely white.  The bacon was surely the better of the two meats.  A few parts were scorched black, but the strips were mostly enjoyable.  For the toast, the bread was thicker than what I find at the German supermarkets.  They were lightly toasted on one side and the addition of softened butter and delectable strawberry jam was, of course, delicious.

The star of the dish, the pancakes, was a major disappointment.  Every time I ate a piece, a good part of it stuck to the roof of my mouth like peanut butter.  They were more gummy than fluffy.  In terms of taste, the pancakes were okay – good enough to eat without any syrup, but better with it.


Even more difficult to swallow is the price of the meal.  The Diner’s Special costs 9,20 EUR.  This was a bit of a shock for the amount of food given.  I guess you are paying for the dining experience too.

One positive was the homemade lemonade, served cold with ice cubes and adorned with a cute mint leaf.  It was absolutely refreshing and wasn’t too sweet.  For the price of 2,60 EUR for a 400 ml glass, it was definitely worth the price.

The burgers and sandwiches are probably done a lot better than the breakfast items.  Prices for these items are much lower, so they are worth trying.

To be fair, ordering breakfast at 4:00 PM in the evening might explain why the pancakes weren’t the best.  But there is no excuse for the meat being served burnt and the eggs overcooked.  Until the kitchen gets its act together, the breakfast items should only be served during morning hours.



Mandy’s Railway Diner is a traditional American diner featuring American breakfast entrées, sandwiches, and burgers.  Breakfast served all day.  Outdoor seating also available.

Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8 AM – 1 AM

Overall – 3 stars

  • Homemade Lemonade – 4.5/5
  • Diner’s Special – 3/5
  • Service – 5/5



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November 6th, 2009 at 7:37 pm

Yufka’s Kebap & Pizza

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Yukfas Kebab Pizza

Hauptstraße 182 69117 Heidelberg

Shredded green cabbage is scooped onto a clean white platter, followed by a small dosage of slaw-like red cabbage, sliced white onions, sweet corn kernels, diced red tomatoes, red kidney beans, chopped yellow bell peppers, cubed green cucumbers, and a lonesome banana pepper – all forming a half circle on one end of the plate.  Next, there is a trimming sound – shaved cuts of chicken falling from a huge hunk of meat.  This is all quickly shoveled onto the other side, connecting the loop.  A good two or three ladles of yogurt cream sauce gets added over all the components.  Lastly, beautifully cooked rice is piled high in the center of the dish, ready for service.


It’s the Döner Teller (Döner plate) that can be had for 6,50 euros.  Like other kebab joints in the city, the plate can also be ordered with fries instead of rice.  The presentation of this dish is quite ambitious.  The addition of the banana pepper, which added a tiny bit of heat to the plate, earns some extra points for uniqueness.

The chicken/turkey döner meat is comparable to the one served at Kebab Haus.  It is delicate and delicious.  The meat is certainly moist.  Moreover, the rice complements the meat really well.  The combination of the sauce, rice, and döner creates a wonderful flavor profile.  The mixture of different vegetables in the salad is also a plus.

The dining experience here, however, is pretty ho-hum.  There isn’t much décor to liven up the place.  There are a total of five wooden tables, each accompanied by 4 standard wooden chairs.  A flat screen television hangs on the back wall of the restaurant, suitable for those wishing to be entertained while eating.  Today, there was a soccer match being shown live between Spain and Burkina Faso.

Overall, Yufka’s Kebap & Pizza is an excellent place to satisfy your kebab cravings.  The workers are fast and efficient and the food is very good.  As with Kebab Haus, the only disadvantage is the available of only one type of döner.



Yufka’s Kebab & Pizza is another standard kebab eatery featuring Döner, pizzas, and other foods at inexpensive prices.  Located near a large church.  Only Puten-Hähnchenfleisch (chicken with turkey) available.  Outdoor seating also available.

Overall – 4.25 stars

  • Döner Teller (Chicken Döner with rice and salad) – 4.25/5
  • Service – 5/5


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November 5th, 2009 at 10:56 pm