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Dunkin’ Donuts

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Dunkin Donuts Düsseldorf

Konrad Adenauer Platz 14 40210 Düsseldorf (im Hauptbahnhof)

The holiday season has come and gone, with many people overfilling on sweets during the time spent with family and friends.  Cakes, cookies, and candies – typical holiday treats.  This isn’t just limited to the United States: in Germany, for example, traditional German spiced cakes and cookies (Spekulatius), fruitcakes (Stollen), and various confections and chocolates turn up only during the winter holidays.  But why stick to tradition?  A year-round deep-fried delight that fulfills the duty of sweet treats should be equally associated with holiday cheer.  The sugary, colorful glaze on top and the scent of a freshly fried donut is oftentimes enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face (especially Homer Simpson!).

Although the location is towards the back of the main train station in Düsseldorf (near platforms 16/17), the bright orange and pink lights of the Dunkin’ Donuts stand will easily catch your attention from a distance.  A simple glance at the vivid, artistic doughy creations is enough to attract interest and curiosity.  Moreover, some the names associated with these fried fritters – Blue Sky, Lemon Spirit, and Apple Lifting – are quite creative.


The Blue Sky donut has a bright calming blue hue on top of the lightly glazed doughnut.  Enough to make you sing Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies”?  Fat chance.   The frosting makes you think it tastes like blueberries, or something fresh and sunny, but it’s just eye candy – sweet frosting with added color.  For winter, Dunkin’ Donuts sells a red glazed donut called Balthasar.  The frosting tastes sort of like cherries – definitely tastier and a sweeter than the Blue Sky donut.  A single donut costs 1,30 €.


Like most donut stores, Dunkin’ Donuts sells doughnut holes – small doughnuts in the shape of spheres.  Rather than the generic name “doughnut holes”, they are given the cute name “Munchkins” at Dunkin’ Donuts.  At this location, they have a variety of Munchkins to choose from – glazed, chocolate glazed, sugared with a chocolate and peanut butter filling, powdered with Bavarian crème inside, among others.  The glazed Munchkin is like a normal glazed doughnut, not too sweet as you might expect.  The sugared one, with the chocolate and peanut butter mixture, is a bit gooey – reminds me of a dog eating peanut butter.  Personal favorites are the powdered ones and the glazed chocolate – both are delicious.  The custard glaze within the powdered Munchkin is a tad sweet, but complements the dough extremely well.  Each one has a good amount of filling.  The glazed chocolate is sort of like a mini chocolate muffin – with the glaze, it has the sweetness of a brownie.  A truly yummy dessert.  And, at 1,99 € for a bag of six Munchkins, it’s not too bad for a quick snack.


Grab a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate with your doughnuts and you are set for breakfast.  Or lunch.  Or dessert.  Or a quick snack in between meals.  You can never go wrong with donuts, especially Dunkin’ Donuts!



An American donut chain with various locations in Germany, Dunkin’ Donuts offers delectable donuts and hot and cold drinks that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth!  A must stop for travelers and residents alike yearning for something American.

Overall – 4.5 stars

  • Munchkins – 4.5/5
  • Blue Sky Donut – 4/5
  • Balthasar Donut – 4.5/5
  • Service – 5/5



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January 3rd, 2010 at 6:20 pm

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