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Willy-Brandt-Platz 4 69115 Heidelberg

‘Ich liebe es’ – ‘I’m loving it’ in German.  If you’re a big fan of McDonald’s, you will certainly be saying this catch phrase in whatever language while you’re here.  After all, the food at a German McDonald’s tastes quite similar to its equivalent in the United States.  Sure, some of the items have different names and there are a few discrepancies in terms of service and restaurant layout.  But the most important aspect – the food – is markedly similar in sight, aroma, and taste.

Starting off with the appearance of the restaurant, the exterior looks exactly like any McDonald’s would in America.  Of course, there aren’t any drive-thru windows or a huge children’s playground due to the size of the building and given the location near the main train station in Heidelberg.  Step inside through the doors and the place is remarkable in the eyes of an American.  Clean, modern, stylish, and posh.  The walls are artsy and a sight to see.  There are different styles of tables and chairs.  The bar stools aren’t your typical type – they are artistic and unique.  The main color scheme in the restaurant is the traditional McDonald’s yellow and red, but also a touch of brown reflecting the McCafé influence.  Surprisingly, there are two counters at this Heidelberg McDonald’s location – one for the McCafé and another for the actual McDonald’s fast food.  Two different menus, two separate cashier areas.  McCafé is itself a café, serving up coffee and hot drinks, along with scrumptious cakes and cookies.  It’s as if there are two eateries in one.



As stated above, there aren’t any surprises when it comes to the food.  Well, maybe a couple, but the American menu has, for the most part, made it to Germany.  German McDonald’s restaurants have value menus called ‘McMenus,’ in which you can choose from a number of items to make up your meal.  As an example, you could get a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, a McRib, 9 pieces of Chicken Nuggets, or a Hamburger Royal TS (similar to a quarter pounder with cheese), an order of fries or a side garden salad, and a soft drink.  The large portion costs 5,59 Euros, which is a tad expensive.  Even the concept of the dollar menu has traveled over the Atlantic, albeit it is of course termed the Euro menu.  On this inexpensive menu, you can find cheeseburgers, hamburgers, chicken burgers, a garden salad, McSundaes (with chocolate or caramel), a small soft drink, small cappuccino, or an apple turnover.  Notable items missing from the German menu are the Angus burgers and Chicken Selects chicken strips.  For breakfast, biscuits are nowhere to be found.  Some unique items found here in Germany are curry chicken sandwiches, a burger called the Big Rosti (Rosti being a large hash brown patty), and curry dipping sauces.

The McRib features a pork patty, slathered in a thick, delicious BBQ sauce, topped with white onions and a couple of pickles, and sandwiched between two sandwich rolls.  Although it’s easy to tell that it has been previously frozen, the McRib sandwich tastes pretty good.  Again, it’s what you would find in America.  The French Fries at McDonald’s are also characteristic.  Unfortunately, though, you are only given one condiment packet (usually ketchup or mayonnaise with fries) – each extra one costs money.  Although the packet is larger than American ones, it’s still not enough.


The Chicken Nuggets taste slightly different than those found in the United States.  Maybe it’s due to the chicken or the breading, but there is a minor difference in taste and texture.  Regardless, the breading is crisp and the chicken is juicy inside.  Again, you are only given one dipping sauce with your nuggets, which can be problematic for those heavy dippers.  Even the BBQ sauce, with its sweet and tangy flavor, tastes American.  A six pack of nuggets will set you back 3,29 euros, so it’s nothing to laugh about.


A new item on the German menu is the Veggie Burger.  Priced at 1,10 euros, it’s a great value for vegetarians or health conscious individuals.  The patty appears to be made up of potatoes and carrots, bound together by egg.  There are also some corn kernels inside as well.  By itself, the veggie patty has an unusual taste.  However, topped with a slice of cheese, shredded lettuce, and a good amount of mayo, the veggie burger is good overall.  Not spectacular, but decent for the price.


Unexpectedly, the apple turnover (Apfeltasche) is ten times better than the American McDonald’s apple pie.  The German version has a crisp, flaky crust and is freshly baked with a warm apple filling.  Think Kentucky Fried Chicken apple turnovers, but larger.  Clearly, it tastes a lot better than the cardboard abomination of an apple pie found at an American McDonald’s.

If you’re looking for American tasting fast food in Germany, McDonald’s is the place to go.  Essentially all of the menu items taste more or less like the American counterpart.  While you may have to pay more than you normally would for a McDonald’s meal, it is enough to satisfy that one month long craving.  ‘I’m loving it!’  Or better yet – ‘Ich liebe es!’



McDonald’s is an internationally recognizable American fast food chain serving up burgers, fries, salads, chicken products, and desserts.  McCafé coffee and sweets also served inside, with a separate cashier and counter.  Stylish, modern dining area.  A bit expensive in comparison to American McDonald’s restaurant chains, but tastes similar (with a few exceptions).  Free drink refills at this location.

Overall – 4.5 stars

  • McRib – 4.5/5
  • Chicken Nuggets – 4.5/5
  • Veggie Burger – 4/5
  • French Fries – 4/5
  • Apple Pie (Apfeltasche) – 5/5
  • Service – 5/5



Written by geschmack

February 18th, 2010 at 10:30 pm

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  1. “Free drink refills at this location”

    But not typically across the country. I found that only in places where there was a large American contingent, or a travel area, you got free refills and ice. This includes Frankfurt Flughafen, Hautpbahnhof Berlin, Heidelberg, etc etc


    6 Feb 11 at 12:33 am

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