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Chang-Puak  Chang-Puak Restaurant

Schulstrasse. 19 40721 Hilden

When you enter a restaurant that specializes in ‘Asian cuisine’, you might feel a little bit pessimistic.  Asian cuisine encompasses such a wide variety of ethnic food that you feel as if there may be so many different items to choose from, yet have the feeling that none of them will taste spectacular.  This is definitely not the case with Chang-Puak!

Situated in the Hilden Altstadt, this Chinese-Thai restaurant not only has an amazing atmosphere, but also some of the best Asian food in Germany.  Unlike some other restaurants, Chang-Puak’s dishes are as exquisitely prepared and presented as one can imagine.  The taste of the dishes definitely matches up to the visual appeal.

To quench my thirst after strolling through the Altstadt, I got an Alster Wasser (Pils with lemon Fanta).  It was something new for me, but the flavors of the beer and soda didn’t really mesh well together in my glass.

As for my meal, I ordered a three course Vietnamese meal listed as the chef’s recommendation.  After 35 days in Germany, I felt compelled to eat some Vietnamese cuisine as homage to my hometown, where there are Pho restaurants practically everywhere.  This three course meal consists of Vietnamese deep-fried spring rolls (Chả giò), Pho Bo, and fried bananas with honey and ice cream for desert.  Absolutely mouthwatering!


After a short wait, the appetizers came to the table.  My aunt ordered the Thai fish cakes (Thod Mun) and my uncle got the wonton soup.  I sampled the fish cakes and they tasted exactly like back home.  It wasn’t too fishy tasting or overly spicy.  The mixture was perfect!  As for my spring rolls, the pork filling was well seasoned.  However, the noodle exterior was a bit gummy for my tastes.  The rolls didn’t come with the white vermicelli noodles or jícama, but the sauce and carrots definitely made up for it.


After the appetizers were finished, my bowl of steaming Pho arrived, accompanied by a decent portion of bean sprouts, basil, parsley, and a wedge of lemon.  Of course, there was also hot sauce and hoisin sauce on the plate of vegetables.  The Pho had a large amount of beef slices and meatballs, too much in fact!  Unfortunately, these slices of beef were not the trimmed kind like back home in California.  I slurped my noodles down almost immediately.  For a moment, the noodles and soup brought my soul back home to the states.  It tasted great!  The only complaint I had was the hoisin sauce they used – it wasn’t the thick variety I was so accustomed to.

My uncle ordered a stir-fried plate with chicken and a lot of vegetables.  It came to the table steaming hot, like a fajita plate at El Torito.  It definitely attracted attention!  Guests at other tables turned their heads to look at the beautiful dish.  My aunt ordered the crispy noodle with shrimp gravy.  Although I didn’t try these dishes, they were presented quite well!  As they say, you eat with your eyes first!


For dessert, the waitress brought a small plate of three fried bananas, drizzled with honey and sesame seeds scattered on top, with a scoop of ice cream.  I was too stuffed at this point, so I only managed to eat one banana.  By itself, it wasn’t too sweet as I had wished.  But it wasn’t a complete disappointment!  The honey definitely made up for the lack of natural goodness.

For the price of 12,50 EUR, the three course meal I ordered was definitely worth it!



Excellent Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese food.  Fabulous presentation.  Large menu.  Dogs allowed inside.

Overall – 4 ½ stars

  • Vietnamese Egg Rolls – 4/5
  • Fish Cakes (Thod Mun) – 4.5/5
  • Pho Bo – 4/5
  • Fried Bananas with Honey and Ice Cream – 4/5
  • Service – 5/5



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China Restaurant Lucky Garden

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China Restaurant Lucky Garden Hilden

Mühlenhof 1-3 40721 Hilden

This pleasant Chinese restaurant not only features a takeout menu, but also an all you can eat buffet.  I ate at this restaurant with my uncle, my aunt, and the family of a close friend.  Even though we arrived at around 7:30 PM on a Saturday, there were only two other tables occupied with patrons.

As far as drinks are concerned, I initially got a glass of Still Wasser (water without carbonation).  The father of the family (it was his birthday) later gave me a ‘Radler’, which is a mix of Krombacher Pils beer with Sprite.  It tastes really good because the Sprite adds some lemony flavor and sweetness.  At the end of the meal, we were served plum wine, which was quite alcoholic but manageable.


The buffet here is sort of like any other Chinese buffet.  There were maybe a total of 15 main items you can choose from, not including the white rice, some soups, lettuce, tomatoes, and corn.  The first item I saw was ‘Nasi-Goreng,’ which is a curry rice dish with pieces of chicken and shrimp.  They also had a noodle dish, sort of like chow mien.  Of course, the buffet had wontons, fried items, such as fried shrimp, fish, chicken, and fries, and many vegetable dishes, including string beans and mushrooms.  This place also has some chicken curry items, dishes featuring duck, and chicken skewers in peanut sauce.  Some items are traditional Chinese, some items are not.


As for dessert, you can get ice cream in three flavors – chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.  They have lychee as well.  Fortune cookies are also available for taking.

Overall, this is a great place to stuff yourself.  The food is quite delicious.  I personally liked the chicken dishes because the chicken was tasty and tender.  Even though I am not a big eater of curry items, the chicken curry was rather tasty.



Great buffet food.  Dogs welcome inside.  Parking next to apartment buildings (we parked there, even though the sign was not exactly clear about parking there).

Overall – 4 stars

  • Service 5/5


29. August 2009

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