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Neugasse 21 69117 Heidelberg

Keep in mind that Heidelberg is not only a popular tourist destination, but also home to one of Europe’s oldest educational institutions, the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg.  That being said, it is home to a lot of students, both local and foreign exchange.  Thus, in addition to the touristy restaurants catering to the traveler along the Hauptstraße, Heidelberg also offers a few eateries that accommodate budget-minded students.  Food Corner, situated across from a discount supermarket chain, is one of these economically friendly places to eat.

Food Corner is another typical German fast food eatery.  Visitors will find döner kebab, yufka, lahmacun, falafel, calzones and pizzas on the menu.  Pastas topped with various sauces, along with schnitzel and cordon bleu plates, can also be had.  Salads with different types of condiments and meats can be found.  Prices are very reasonable in comparison to rival fast food joints around town.  A large döner sandwich, for instance, costs 3,70 €.  Beverage prices are also unbeatable.  Many people stop by merely to purchase a beer and relax outside.  Costs are kept low due in part to the no-frills approach here.


At 5,50 €, the Döner Teller (Döner Plate) here is arguably the cheapest döner dish you will find in Heidelberg.  The plate comes with a small salad and your choice of either fries or rice.  The salad consists of white cabbage, lettuce, a couple slices of cucumbers, and a few diced tomatoes, dressed in a creamy, white yogurt sauce.  Presentation is simple, with each element occupying its own area on the bare, white plate.

Nothing about the dish stands out.  Döner meat is tougher and chewier than other places, though it has good flavor.  The meat is shaved from the spit with a machine, as opposed to being hand sliced using large knives.  Unusual here at Food Corner is the extraordinarily large strips of döner meat served on the plate, rather than smaller, bite sized pieces.  Fries are crisp and cooked to order, receiving a nice sprinkle of seasoning that improves the taste.  However, they are a tad salty.  Overall, considering the price tag, this plate is good for a quick lunch that won’t break the bank.


Unfortunately, the cordon bleu is another story.  The concept for a chicken cordon bleu is relatively simple – pounded chicken breast, filled with ham and cheese, and then folded over.  But during one visit here, they managed to fumble up the most important aspect of any dish – the flavor.  The chicken is horrendously bad, as it tastes more sour than salty.  Even the presence of the ham or the gooey cheese can’t seem to hide the disgustingly odd taste.  The rice doesn’t help matters at all.  Bland and uninteresting, the rice desperately needs some sort of seasoning to even be bearable.  Fortunately, there are salt and pepper shakers at each table.  At 6,00 €, you would be better off ordering the döner plate or anything else for that matter.

A decent, quick meal that’s easy on the pocket can easily be found here at Food Corner.  Just don’t expect anything remarkable.



Food Corner is precisely what its name describes – a fast food establishment at a street corner.  Typical of other German fast food restaurants, Food Corner features a decent selection of döner kebabs, yufkas, lahmacun, falafel, and pizzas.  Other items include schnitzel, salads, calzones, and pastas, as well as calamari rings, a chicken sandwich, and baked potato.  All items, including drinks, are very reasonably priced.  A few tables outside.  Service is standard.


Overall – 3 stars

  • Döner Teller mit Pommes dazu Salat und Joghurtsauce (Döner Plate with Fries, Salad, and Yogurt Sauce) – 3.5/5
  • Cordon Bleu – 1/5
  • Service – 5/5


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June 15th, 2010 at 11:55 pm

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