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Avatar Foods

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Hauptstraße 171 69117 Heidelberg

Considering that Kebab Haus next door was superior in virtually all aspects, it was only a matter of time before Super Fast Food packed up and left the Hauptstraße.  A few months later, a new fast food establishment took up shop in its place – Avatar Foods.  A completely renovated dining area, a new touch of paint, and the addition of Indian cuisine to the menu all make this recent addition to Heidelberg’s main street worth a visit for a quick meal.

Outside, elements of its predecessor still linger.  The place still looks bare.  The same white and orange shades remain; the name Super Fast Food merely blotched out.  The only restaurant sign, very tiny and hard to discern, can be seen through the windows.  Upon entering the single door entrance, the ordering counter is still the first thing you see.  Further inside, the place has been given a nice beige coating – a definite improvement over the ghastly orange hue of its predecessor.  The dining area has also been smartly refurbished.  The contemporary, marbled tables are a step up from the ancient wooden slabs.  Seating is either crimson red booths along the walls or cushioned wooden chairs.  Pink blossoms and green flora liven up the place.  Candles at each table also add a nice touch.  The flat screen television still remains, along with the hip hop tunes blasting from the speakers.

In regards to the food, Avatar still curiously retains components of its predecessor.  You can still find döner and other typical German fast food items here (again, why come here when its next door neighbor does it better?).  However, the menu is chiefly dominated by Indian specialties – curries, gosht, and Tandoori items, amongst others.  Drinks include Indian lassis with mango, banana, and cocoa.  Instead of offering student discounts, as Super Fast Food was known for, Avatar offers a special ‘Happy Hour’ after 7 PM.  During this evening exclusive, you can have any Indian dish (outside of the tandoori specialties) for only 5,00 €!  As many of the dishes normally range from five to seven euros, this is definitely a good deal.


The chicken tikka masala on basmati rice is a must.  In this dish, roasted chunks of chicken breast marvelously absorb the rich, orange colored tomato sauce curry.  The chicken possesses a striking amount of flavor; the sauce thick and creamy.  The fragrant aroma and delicate nature of the basmati rice is also a perfect complement to the bold flavors of the tikka masala.  You certainly won’t be complaining about the lack of meat – there is probably enough chicken to share the dish among two people.  Although the presentation is nothing to be excited about, the dazzling orange and red on the chicken is enough to make any fan of masala happy.

It’s hard to say whether this restaurant took full advantage of the Avatar craze by using it namesake.  Regardless, the buzz generated by the name alone doesn’t seem to have accomplished much as the place is seemingly empty on a weekday evening during their ‘Happy Hour’ special.  It’s too bad because Avatar Foods serves up enjoyable Indian food at very affordable prices.  Although the selection isn’t as large as other Indian fast food places in the city, the food they do offer is executed well.



Located along Heidelberg’s Hauptstraße, Avatar is a good Indian fast food restaurant with a fairly limited number of items on the menu.   ‘Happy Hour’ past 7 PM – all Indian dishes are 5,00 €.  Outdoor seating available.  Quick and efficient service.

Overall – 4 stars

  • Chicken Tikka Masala – 4.5/5
  • Service – 5/5


Written by geschmack

May 12th, 2010 at 11:55 pm

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