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Written by geschmack

October 1st, 2009 at 7:23 pm

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  1. Hi Pat,

    Today, I accidentally passed by while looking for a new Schnitzel place. Based on your review I will go to Alte M├╝ntz. I just wanted to let you know I am really impressed by your blog and your interest in and appreciation for (pan-)German food.

    Even though I was born in HD and have lived in the area for a good portion of my live I wouldn’t even know one third of the places you have not only visited but also written such extensive and meticulous reviews about, compliments!

    I agree with you on a number of places, e.g. my absolute fave for Turkish food has been Istanbul in MA after the quality at Sultan’s (in close proximity) went down.

    There are some places I would humbly propose for review:

    This used to be my No.1 place in HD to take out international friends, microbrewery with excellent beer and unbeatable atmosphere in the big dining hall, decent German cuisine which has lost some of its edge from the early days… e.g. Sauerbraten no longer tender ­čÖü

    Der alte Kohlhof
    Can serve excellent food incl. game, with really interesting starters. To be avoided during weekends with good weather – long waiting is inevitable and kitchen can get sloppy when under heavy load.

    Piccolo MondoÔÇÄ
    Rather expensive but maybe the only original ristorante italiano in the area.

    Schwarzer Peter
    Somewhat a gamble, but interesting and very nice location in the Weststadt. I had the best squash soup one day and the worst three days later…

    Again, it’s been a pleasure to read your blog. Will be checking in from time to time. Have a beautiful time in Heidelberg.



    11 Apr 10 at 3:21 pm

  2. Gasthof zur Schauenburg, Dossenheim
    (Great steaks and more)


    18 Apr 10 at 4:24 pm

  3. Hi Pat,

    what a lovely blog you have here. I am German and have been living in HD for quite a while… and I am deeply impressed how serious you are about sampling all the German food that might be a tad scary for foreigners (Schweinskopf – anyone?).

    You absolutely need to take the tram 24, cross the Neckar and get your fork and knife into some Schnitzel in Handschuhsheim.

    Alt Hendesse
    M├╝hltalstra├če 4

    Give the “Schnecken-Schnitzel” a try. That’s a schnitzel covered in creamy white sauce with delicious little snails in it. If you dislike the idea of snails on your Schnitzel there are plenty of other choices – for example the wonderful Rostbraten. They also have a lovely Biergarten for the hot days.

    Another new local favourite is

    Wei├čer Stein
    Handschuhsheimer Landstra├če 44

    If you are into some crossover food in a retro-chic environment then this is the place for you. Locals love this nice little spot for tapas and some wine, do not miss the Croquettes de pois Chiches (some Falafel relative) – they are mouthwatering good.

    By the way: You will never ever get a decent *real* Wiener Schnitzel in Heidelberg. The real one is made of veal, paper-thin, never served with any sauce and a completely different story than “Schnitzel Wiener Art”.

    If you are lucky, the true Wiener Schnitzel will be on the menu here:

    Pinzgauer Stub’n
    Schweitzinger Stra├če 175
    68165 Mannheim

    Have fun with “us” and the food. And please keep on bloggin’!




    11 Aug 10 at 2:44 pm

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