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Sofienstraße 7B 69115 Heidelberg

Having lived in Germany for many months now, and after visiting countless restaurants, it’s easy to become addicted to schnitzel.  Simple yet flavorful, schnitzel is the standard dish not only featured on German menus, but also restaurants with an international flair.  One such establishment, Medocs, has a terrific label for this breaded pork obsession – ‘Schnitzel Fever.’  It’s one of the many specials featured at this classic café and restaurant in Heidelberg.


Through the two glass door entrance, you are immediately met with the bar area.  The cozy dining area extends from the front entrance all the way to the back end of the restaurant.  Appearing along the way are corner areas, ideal for groups or private conversation.  The modern décor perfectly fits into that distinctive café setting.  All around the white walls are various framed images of random objects and people – coffee cups brimming with brew, couples smooching one another, dancers in a pose with their shadows, and distant views of a construction site.  There are also large blackboards featuring dinner specials – tempting during lunch hours, but just a tease and a reminder to come back during the evening.  The black, white, and red color scheme here seems to be the trend.  Black cushioned booth style seating line the walls and offer an alternative to the polished, round wooden chairs.  Tables are sturdy marble and come with a lit candle to provide that romantic touch.

Awaiting you at each table are a handful of various brochures, including the standard everyday menu, a card listing evening dishes (available after 5 PM), special seasonal offerings, and another one advertising weekday specials.  Although it may seem a bit cluttered and confusing at first, it’s worth the time to glance through each one to become aware of any discounts.  The specials at Medocs are what make the place unique and quite popular amongst the locals.  For instance, Medocs features a weekday lunch menu with 5 different dishes, including a pasta, salad, meat, and vegetarian dish, each for only 5 €.  Add the fact that the choices vary each week and you have an excellent reason to keep coming back for more.  Other specials include ‘Green Monday’ (all salads are 5,90 € after 5 PM), ‘Tropical Thursdays’ (cocktails 3,90 € each after 8 PM), and ‘Schnitzel Fever’ every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays after 12 PM (all schnitzels at a reduced price).


Written in both German and English, the standard menu at Medocs forays into different types of cuisine.  In addition to German breakfast items, you can find a mixture of international dishes – baguettes, soups, salads, and pastas.  After 5 PM, the selection becomes even larger as you can order burgers, steaks, and other grilled specialties.  Highlighting the menu is a fairly impressive list of schnitzels.  Aside from the typical “Wiener Art,” you can get 8 different varieties of schnitzel, including “Gorgonzola-Schnitzel,” “Texas” style schnitzel with BBQ sauce, and a salad with strips of breaded pork.  There are also 4 unique types with cheese baked on top.


Listed amongst the schnitzels is Schnitzel ‘Madagaskar’ – pork schnitzel, breaded extremely well, served in an orange cream sauce with green peppercorns.  On the side are home fried potatoes.  Considering the large portion sizes, the price tag of 8,20 € is very reasonable.  The small green Madagascar peppercorns add a nice zing to the pork.  It gives the dish a slight spicy sensation – that much needed kick.  The peppercorns infuse a uniquely exotic flavor into the sauce; the taste refined and rich.  The breading on the schnitzel is also remarkable.  A thick layer of breading, compact and crisp, covers the surface of the pork and provides a great texture that contrasts nicely with the meat.  Together with the cream sauce and the tightly packed breading, the flavor combination makes every bite a delight.

Consistency at Medocs appears to be the only issue.  On one visit, the breaded pork was graciously doused with cream sauce, along with a nice heaping of green peppercorns.  The potatoes were cooked perfectly, seasoned and buttered flawlessly.  On another visit, a number of home fries were burnt on the surface.  Although visually unappealing, the charred potatoes were given an even crispier outer coating that contrasted sharply with the delicate flesh.  Additionally, the given amount of cream sauce was sparse.


Desserts are rather limited.  Aside from typical apple strudel, you can find various cakes and pies as well as a good crêpe dish.  Rolled up crêpe, filled with warm chocolate sauce and dusted with cocoa powder, is a delight.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream, along with a mound of whipped cream, sliced almonds, and slices of fresh fruits, all bring the dish together.  The dish isn’t overly sweet; rather, the balance is just right.  The warm sensations of the delicate crêpe contrast well with the cold and creamy nature of the ice cream and whipped topping.  The slices of orange are sweet and work wonderfully with the chocolate.  Overall, it’s a great finish to the meal.

Medocs may very well be considered a local cult.  Not only will you find couples enjoying a romantic meal, students taking a break from their busy schedules, and elderly women chit-chatting over coffee, but also businessmen taking full advantage of the inexpensive lunch menu.  Essentially everyone comes to Medocs to unwind from the chaos outside and relax in the casual, inviting atmosphere.  With its perfect location, sensible prices, pleasant service, sensational specials, and tremendous food, Medocs is here to stay.



Medocs is a café and restaurant perfectly situated at Heidelberg’s Bismarckplatz.  Serving up a mixture of international cuisines, including American, Italian, and German dishes, Medocs is very reasonably priced and certainly worthy of a visit (and repeat visits thereafter!).  Various specials throughout the week, including schnitzel fever on the weekends.  5 € weekday lunch menu dishes, varying each week.  Friendly, affable service.  Outdoor seating available.

Overall – 4 stars

  • Schnitzel ‘Madagaskar’ – 4.5/5
  • Crêpe Schokolade – 4/5
  • Service – 5/5



Written by geschmack

May 18th, 2010 at 9:55 pm