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Palmbräu Gasse

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Hauptstraße 185 69117 Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Hauptstraße is lined with a slew of American and German fast food joints, a limited selection of ethnic eateries, bakeries, and a few coffee and candy shops every few blocks.  Of course, being in Germany, there are also quite a few German restaurants up and down the main street – Palmbräu Gasse being one of them.


The view of this place from the Hauptstraße is that of a family restaurant.  The exterior sort of resembles a home, awaiting your arrival.  Take a peek inside the windows and you will see wooden benches with comfy red cushions and candle lit tables exuding warmth and hospitality.  Enter the double doors and you will essentially find the restaurant divided into two.  The joyful, well-lit, family friendly dining area in the front of the restaurant is abruptly met with a darker area towards the back, where the bar is located.  Basically, patrons have the choice of enjoying a drink at their enticing bar or settle down for a meal in a relaxed, spacious atmosphere at the front the restaurant.

Palmbräu Gasse accommodates tourists visiting Heidelberg.  Menus at each table are well designed and written in both German and English.  The first page features Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, and Italian flags, each with a message that informs guests of the opportunity to request a menu in the respective language.  Talk about great service!

Aside from a few items (such as the fondue from Sunday to Thursday!) the food at Palmbräu is pretty standard.  The menu includes your typical salads, soups, and breads, vegetarian courses, German specialties such as Swabish dishes, schnitzel, and Flammkuchen, steaks, and chicken dishes.  More fascinating and appealing are the daily specials featured on the sign boards outside, in front of the restaurant doors.  Everyday, Palmbräu offers a unique German dish at a very low price, thus often attracting repeat and curious customers to this restaurant time and time again.


Today, the daily dish was Holzfällersteak mit Rostzwiebeln und Bratkartoffeln – pork steak served with fried onion strips and sliced, fried potatoes – for only 7,90 €.  Holzfäller translates to ‘lumberjack’ in English, and oh! this meal is fit for one!  The pork steak comes from the shoulder of the pig and it’s cooked quite well.  The meat is tender and juicy, and is served in its own juices.  This cut of meat does have its disadvantages though, as the gelatinous and fattening parts, which glisten in the light, can be repulsive to some diners.  However, overall, the pork is quite tasty and flavorful.  It has a nice, browned crust on the top and bottom layers of the meat.  This contrast in textures carries on with the crisp, fried onion strips.  The onions are perfectly fried hot, the sweetness of the onions supplying a joyful burst of flavor with every bite.  Some of them are not battered well and thus simply melt in your mouth.  The potatoes are buttery and well salted.  Like the onions, they are not uniformly cooked and prepared.  Hence, some spuds are crisp and burnt (which is a good thing!), while others are delicate and soft.  Highlighting the dish are the little bits of bacon scattered around the potatoes.  These tasty morsels are quite unexpected, but complement the root vegetables extremely well.

Palmbräu Gasse is an excellent restaurant and bar in the middle of Heidelberg.  Whether you are there to enjoy a hearty meal or simply grab a beer with buddies, this place is a convenient spot for both!



Situated in the heart of Heidelberg’s Old Town, Palmbräu Gasse is a classic German restaurant and bar offering an exciting array of traditional, wholesome German dishes.  Daily specials at a reduced price.  Wide selection of cocktails, beers, and wines.  Prices moderate.  Generous Portions.  Very accommodating service.  Good Restaurant for Tourists.

Hours: Daily: 11:30 AM – 1:00 AM
              Fridays & Saturdays until 3:00 AM


Overall – 4 stars

  • Holzfällersteak mit Rostzwiebeln und Bratkartoffeln (Pork Shoulder Steak with Fried Onions and Fried Potatoes) – 4.5/5
  • Service – 5/5



Written by geschmack

January 14th, 2010 at 10:22 pm