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Le Café: Das Dürkheimer Kaffeehaus (Updated Review)

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Kurbrunnenstraße 9 67098 Bad Dürkheim

If you find yourself wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of a popular tourist city such as Heidelberg, you may want to consider taking a daytrip to the small, quaint city of Bad Dürkheim.  Here, you will find various shops and the occasional event to attend.  Of course, you can also enjoy some delightful German cuisine in this wonderful traditional town.

The ambiance at Le Café is absolutely magnificent.  On a beautiful day, you could sit outside and enjoy the weather behind the restaurant where there are quite a few tables available.  Otherwise, you can relax in the glowing warmth of the café.  The interior is ornamented beautifully with various paintings, decorations, and flowers.  Clean, smooth wooden tables await your company.  Some tables even have blue sofa seating, adding to the level of comfort inside.  The restaurant radiates a lovely, cozy feeling – it’s more like a home than a restaurant.  Waitresses are quick to help and service is prompt.

First meal here was the best dish I had so far in Germany.  The 8,90 EUR Bandnudeln mit Lachs-Dill-Creme fraiche (ribbon noodles in a Dill Crème Fraîche sauce with Salmon) is an absolute hit.  The ingredients are top-notch.  There are numerous chunks of delicious salmon scattered on top of thick Fettuccine type noodles, served in a rich, creamy white sauce.  The fish is delicately cooked.  The dill makes the dish come together superbly.  Chopped parsley garnishes the plate, completing the presentation.  Everything joins together in perfect harmony.

The second meal?  Well, it definitely didn’t live up to the first.  The Bandnudeln mit Shrimps in Pernodsauce (ribbon noodles tossed in a Pernod sauce, with tiny shrimp pieces) is difficult to manage.  Shrimp has a gritty and sandy texture because the digestive tract remains intact.  It is impractical to devein small shrimp, so the dish would be better served with larger pieces of shrimp.  The shrimp do not taste fresh, almost as if it came from a can.  The Pernod sauce is strikingly similar in flavor to the Crème Fraîche sauce served with the salmon.  At 9,60 EUR, you would be better served choosing the noodles with salmon.

Waiting in the display case is a wide selection of cakes and desserts, highlighted by the large cheesecake and chocolate cake.  Trying a slice of their cakes is surely recommended to end your meal.

Even if the weather is grey, a visit to Bad Dürkheim isn’t complete without a stop at Le Café.



Le Café: Das Dürkheimer Kaffeehaus is a beautiful, charming restaurant with a relatively small menu featuring various breakfast foods, excellent traditional German cuisine, and a vast assortment of mouth watering deserts. Outdoor seating available.  Restrooms quite clean.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM – 6 PM

Overall – 4.5 Stars

  • Ribbon Noodles served in a Dill Crème Fraîche Sauce with Salmon (Bandnudeln mit Lachs-Dill-Crème Fraîche) – 5/5
  • Ribbon Noodles served in a Pernod Sauce with tiny Shrimp (Bandnudeln mit Shrimps in Pernodsauce) – 3/5
  • Service – 5/5



Written by geschmack

November 14th, 2009 at 8:22 pm