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Ristorante Da Mario

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Rohrbacher Straße 3 69115 Heidelberg

Taking an extremely narrow escalator up to the second story of a corner building, without having any idea what to expect, can be a frightening thought.  Sure, there are signs outside indicating an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, as well as a German bank, up there.  However, you can’t really see what’s actually at the top until you get there.  Surprisingly, a life sized figure of a waiter stands waiting at the top, in front of double doors, providing assurance that you are at the right place!

Once you step through the doors at Da Mario, you are immediately taken back by how open and spacious the restaurant is.  Simply put, the place is enormous.  Eye-catching is the extensive bakery style display case featuring an assortment of mouthwatering cakes and desserts.  Behind the counter are coffee and espresso machines, in addition to various wine bottles.  The ambiance is elegant and impressive.  Seating consists of padded booth style seating surrounding clean, table cloth covered wooden tables.  There are also comfortable black cushioned sofa chairs, in addition to wooden seats.  The small tables are enough for two people; put together they can accompany larger groups.  Each is fitted with a beautiful flower in a vase and a black pepper mill.  The service at Da Mario matches the elegant design – the servers are smartly dressed in white collared shirts with ties.  The staff is polite and courteous, attentive to your needs.


The menu includes typical Italian entrées – antipasto, salads, pizzas, pastas, and various meat dishes.  As with practically every restaurant in the area, Da Mario offers a special lunchtime menu featuring a selection of dishes at a reduced price.  There are also a few complete meals, each including a small side salad and dessert.  One of the daily specials is a Tagespizza (pizza of the day) with ham and mushrooms as toppings.  Included are a small salad and two slices of fresh, crisp, and flavorful Italian bread.  At 6,50 €, this meal is certainly a bargain.


It’s easy to see that the pizzas here are hand-tossed, as they aren’t exactly uniformly disc shaped.  The pizzas are flat and extremely thin – roughly having a 2 mm base.  However, they are approximately 12 inches in diameter – easily shared amongst two people (making it an even better deal!).  Of course, these pizzas are traditionally prepared with mozzarella and tomato sauce topping the base.  On a positive note, the tomato sauce isn’t too aggressive and doesn’t overshadow the other toppings.  The amount of cheese and tomato sauce, in comparison to the number of toppings, seems just right.  Although it’s a matter of personal preference, it would have been better with more mozzarella bubbling on the surface.  A hint of oregano flourishes on top of the pizza.  As far as the toppings are concerned, the large slices of ham are not overly salty.  It provides a good flavor overall, though the taste eventually becomes boring.  The mushrooms are succulent and provide a different taste.  Taken as a whole, however, the combination of ham and mushrooms on the pizza isn’t anything new.  The pizza is great and the price is super, but it isn’t going to make headlines.

Ristorante Da Mario is a terrific place to relax and unwind from a busy day on the job, or a long day of shopping.  During the daytime, it’s a great place for a business lunch meeting; during the evening a perfect romantic dinner.  Come grab a quick, inexpensive lunch off the daily menu, while reading one of the current popular magazines or daily newspapers offered in the front.  In the summertime, seating outside on the terrace provides guests with a wonderful view of the boisterous street below.



Da Mario is an Italian restaurant and pizzeria located in the heart of Bismarckplatz in Heidelberg.  Traditional Italian dishes, including pizzas, a variety of pastas, risotto, and assorted meat entrées.  Dessert display cases featuring scrumptious cakes.  Impressive, pleasant dining environment.  Excellent, attentive professional service.  Outdoor terrace seating available.  Prices ranging from extremely affordable to moderate.

Overall – 4 stars

  • Tagespizza (Pizza of the Day with Ham and Sausage) – 3.5/5
  • Small Salad – 3.5/5
  • Service – 5/5


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March 2nd, 2010 at 10:13 pm

Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut Heidelberg

Hauptstraße 111 69117 Heidelberg

Pizza Hut.  Arguably one of the most popular fast food restaurant chains in the United States.  But how does the tomato sauce compare in another country?  Does the pizza taste better as you get closer to Italy – the birthplace of pizza?  What about the preparation of chicken wings in Germany?  Anything unusual about Pizza Hut in Deutschland?


Walk inside this Pizza Hut for the first time and you might feel a bit lost.  There are no cash registers to walk up to, no service counters to wait in line for.  It might take a moment for you to realize that Pizza Hut here is not your quintessential fast food joint like in the States, but rather an actual sit-down and order restaurant.  One glance inside and you will surely be amazed at how elegant the restaurant looks.  The dining area is so upscale and trendy – almost enough to qualify as fine-dining.  There are plenty of tables – dark brown polished wooden tables – here, enough to accommodate large parties and families.  Silverware awaits you at your table.  There is even an open service counter window through which diners can see the kitchen staff at work.  This alone definitely makes dining here an exciting experience.

The menu at this Pizza Hut is, unexpectedly, rather extensive.  There are a large number of appetizers, including country potatoes, crispy mushrooms, quesadillas, chicken sticks, and chicken wings.  In addition to your typical types of pasta, lasagna and gratins are also offered.  What makes Pizza Hut here unique is the variety of desserts listed on the menu.  Not only can you order hot pancakes and Belgian waffles here, but also donuts, Panna Cotta, and ice cream.  Wine and beer are also served up.


Order the 2,90 € chicken wings and you get 6 hot pieces – 3 drummettes and 3 wings – a choice of dipping sauce (Sour Cream, Barbecue, Guacamole, Ketchup, or Mayo), and a towelette.  Forget to mention your desired dip and you will get BBQ – which is a bit smoky and sweet.  Nothing spectacular about the presentation of the dish, but that’s expected.  The chicken wings are seasoned well and taste perfectly fine without any sauce.  Think miniature rotisserie chicken wings.  Of course, add on the sauce and the flavor changes drastically.  Unfortunately, Pizza Hut in Germany does not offer Buffalo styled wings so you will surely be disappointed if you want something spicy.

The pizzas at a German Pizza Hut are similar to the pies back home.  Naturally, a wide variety of toppings are available, in addition to a select number of crusts (pan pizza, New York style, and stuffed crust).

Ask for a Margherita pan pizza and you will essentially get a cheese pizza.  The mozzarella cheese is bubbly, gooey, and delicious; the pizza is cooked fresh and served steaming hot in a pizza tray.  The texture of the dough is nice and fluffy – delicate and delectable.  Crust is crisp.  Surprisingly, the tomato sauce in Germany has the same taste as in the US.  A normal sized pizza is approximately 23 cm, a bit larger than a personal pan pizza.  At 4,50 € it is a reasonably priced pie that can easily be shared by two people.

Pizza Hut will easily satisfy your cravings for something simple, familiar, and delicious.  Stop by for the food and sit down for an amazingly pleasant dining experience.



Pizza Hut is an American pizza restaurant chain serving a large variety of pizzas, along with an assortment of side dishes including pasta, salad, chicken wings, garlic bread, and desserts.  Great value for the price.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
               Friday, Saturday 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM
               Sunday 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Overall – 4.5 stars

  • Chicken Wings (6 Pieces) – 4.5/5
  • Cheese Pizza (Margherita Mit Tomatensauce und Mozzarella-Käse) – 4/5
  • Service – 5/5



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December 3rd, 2009 at 10:39 pm

Pizzeria Logo

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Pizzeria Logo 

Hasselstrasse 109 40599 Düsseldorf

This small local pizza joint specializes in Italian type of pizza.  I visited this place in the evening of August 28th with my uncle and ordered take out.  They have several different varieties of pizzas, pastas, and salads.  They also have a few wine bottles in their refrigerator.

The pizzas here are Italian style, meaning thin, crispy crust.  In terms of size, the pizzas are larger than a personal pan from Pizza Hut, but smaller than a medium.  The menu states that each pizza comes with tomatoes (sauce), cheese, and oregano.  Garlic and hot pepper flakes are available upon request.  Not really sure what to get, I decided on the spinach pizza with onions and garlic.  For only € 5,00, it really isn’t too expensive.  My aunt wanted the primavera pizza with spinach, mushrooms, onions, and artichokes.  She also got the hot pepper flakes, which aren’t too spicy – sort of like the ones that come in a packet.  My uncle ordered the macaroni with cheese (though he ordered the big, hollow noodle – cannelloni?), but I didn’t sample it.  It didn’t seem like there was any cheddar cheese in there, or any yellow cheese.  Boy, do I miss traditional, American style Mac and Cheese.

They don’t seem to have sausage pizzas or just plain pepperoni.  Maybe I am too Americanized to be looking for these types of pizzas.



Two tables with about six stools to sit.  No dogs welcome inside.  Service was relatively quick (about a five minute wait, although there were only a few people there).

Overall – 3 stars

  • Primavera Pizza (Spinach, Champignons, Onions, and Artichokes) – 3.5/5
  • Spinach Pizza (added in Onions and Garlic) – 3/5
  • Service 4/5


28. August 2009

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August 28th, 2009 at 11:35 pm

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