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Same Same Sushi Bar

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Steingasse 3 69117 Heidelberg

On a cold winter night in Heidelberg, I am fortunate to find shelter in a slick, modern sushi bar.  Seated at one of the blond-striped wooden benches, under the sleek lighting, while listening to trendy, upbeat music in the background, I browse through the tiny menu of Maki, Nigiri and a few other typical Japanese items.  A candle slowly burns away on top of the table.  Waiting beside the flickering flame is a lonely bottle of Yamasa soy sauce.  This is the scene at Same Same Sushi Bar.

The selection of sushi is quite limited here.  There are about ten different types of Maki sushi, each with one choice of fish, vegetable, or egg.  Each order consists of 6 bite-sized cylindrical pieces of sushi, a small dollop of wasabi, and thin slices of sweet, pickled ginger.  Each order of Nigiri comes with 2 pieces.


The Omelet Maki simply consists of a chunk of egg omelet in the middle of vinegar rice and seaweed.  The omelet has a delicate texture; however, it scarcely adds any flavor to the sushi.  The cold rice tastes excellent, exactly what is expected.  The nori seaweed is slightly moist and slimy.  Overall, the sushi tastes good, but not great.  Mixing the wasabi and the soy sauce, each piece of Maki gets an added boost in flavor.  This brand of soy sauce isn’t exactly tasty, but it’s satisfactory.  The pickled ginger is the best part of the dish.  Sweet and crunchy, it surely tasted yummy.

The Yakatori – grilled chicken skewers marinated in teriyaki sauce, with sprinkled with sesame seeds on top – comes with 3 sticks.  Although the marinade penetrates the meat extremely well, resulting in a tasty dish of poultry meat, the chicken came to my table a little bit cold.  It tasted as if it was reheated in a microwave (in fact, I could hear the sounds of a microwave humming after I placed my order).  Aside from this major drawback, the chicken is complemented well with the sesame seeds.


Same Same (which means shark in Japanese) is in a great location, steps away from the famed Old Bridge and monkey statue.  Unfortunately, the prices reflect this – the Omelet Maki costs 3,00 €, while the Yakatori 3,90 €.  For the amount of food given, this is far from a bargain.  With its mediocre food, Same Same is just tame tame.



Same Same Sushi Bar is a stylish, cozy, modern Japanese sushi bar offering a relatively small selection of Maki and Nigiri sushi.

Hours: Monday – Thursday, Sunday 12:00 PM – 10 PM 
               Friday and Saturday 12 PM – 11 PM

Overall – 2.5 Stars

  • Omelet Maki – 2/5
  • Chicken Yakatori – 3/5
  • Service – 5/5


Written by geschmack

November 19th, 2009 at 10:33 pm

Mr. Whang Restaurant

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Mr Whang Restaurant 

Hauptstraße 136 69117 Heidelberg            [OUT OF BUSINESS]

If you are hungering for some Japanese or Korean food while in Heidelberg, and you’re near the Universitätsplatz, this is the right place for you! (Although the storefront says it is also a Chinese place, they don’t have many traditional offerings).  When you enter the restaurant, you are instantly met with elegant tables covered by white table cloths.  The waitresses are also friendly and nice.

I visited this place on a Sunday afternoon with my uncle and aunt and we were the only ones there.  We were immediately seated at a table next to the door, a great place to just sit and watch people pass by.  I ordered the green tea for my drink.  What can I say?  Green tea is green tea!

As far as food is concerned, my aunt ordered the Kim chi, which was pretty tasty!  It wasn’t too spicy or anything, maybe not exactly ancient traditional style, but quite good.  She also ordered the Sushi Gemischt-Maki (mixed sushi), which also comes with miso soup.  The mixed sushi comes in an elegant wooden platter that makes the dining experience so much better.  It makes you feel really special!  There is a large assortment of sushi on the wooden boat, with tuna, cucumbers, salmon, and traditional styles.  I didn’t sample the sushi, but it looked really attractive.

Mixed Sushi Platter_M

My uncle and I ordered the Bulgogi.  He ordered the pork (Schwein) and I got the beef (Rind).  This restaurant uses portable burners, the kind that requires a tray to cook the meats on.  The waitress brought the raw meats to our table, where she grilled them right in front of us.  Unfortunately, the pork comes with a lot of fat (think bacon), which my uncle just could not eat.  Each order comes with a very small bowl of rice.  It totally wasn’t enough for me!  Also, they only give a few pieces of vegetables – some onions, a few bell peppers, and mushrooms.  Really made me sad.  What’s more is that they didn’t sever Banchan with the meal!  I was eagerly anticipating a variety of small plates to come out with noodles, potatoes, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and other sweet goodness (like they have in Los Angeles).  But the waitress said you have to order it extra!


The pork was extremely tasty.  I was gobbling it down with the rice until my entire bowl my completely spotless.   I bet they barely had to wash my bowls and plates because it was so good.  The pork fat really makes everything so delicious.  As far as the beef is concerned, it really wasn’t the best.  The marinade didn’t penetrate the meat well (maybe they just did it today?).  I definitely preferred the pork.  The rice was also a bit sticky and yummy.

At the end, I was completely full.  The price, however, was a tad on the expensive side.  Each Bulgogi costs 14,50 EUR, while the sushi mix costs 22,10 EUR.  The Kim chi also was 3,60 EUR for each bowl.  Would I come back?  Sure, but only for a special occasion.



Great Korean and Japanese food.  A bit expensive.  Dogs allowed inside.  Bathrooms are inside, upstairs.  No outdoor seating.

Overall – 4 Stars

  • Kimchi – 4/5
  • Bulgogi Pork – 4.5/5
  • Bulgogi Beef – 3/5
  • Service – 4/5



Written by geschmack

September 13th, 2009 at 6:14 pm