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Andalucia Spanisches Restaurant

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U 6, 8 68161 Mannheim

As I step into Andalucia Spanish Restaurant a few minutes before they official open, I kindly ask out loud, using my newly found Spanish skills, ¿está abierto?  A Spanish gentleman standing behind the bar smiles and replies ¿por qué no?  He leads me to a prime table next to the windows, ample light streaming through, lights a candle resting on the table, and immediately brings a menu.  Whereas some restaurants would demand that you wait until they open, the casual attitude and welcoming hospitality shines here at Andalucia.


Inside, the ambiance is rustic Spanish with hints of modernity mixed in.  Posters of singers and dancers are plastered all around on the walls.  Tiny bottles of spirits are stringed together and hung on the ceiling.  Different postcards and foreign currency are attached near the bar area.  Various souvenirs and antiques, including ancient typewriters, radios, musical instruments, and fine tapestry, add a unique touch to the room, but also create a somewhat cluttered and fussy mess.

To put it in perspective, all of the decorations greatly contrast with the elegant, white tablecloth covered dining tables.  It’s a sure head-scratcher.  The tables are positioned around an elevated stage in the front corner of the restaurant, where live entertainment is performed at night.  Sort of reminds you of a modern version of the nightclub in I Love Lucy.  When there isn’t a show going on, Spanish language canciones play throughout the dining room and add that authentic flair.  Sitting in here, it’s easy to forget you are in Germany.


On the menu is a huge selection of tapas, including chorizo, gambas, calamares, mussels, sardines, and artichokes.  Gazpacho can also be found.  Paella and different types of seafood highlight the list of main dishes here, but meat lovers can also find chicken, lamb, and steaks here.  An entire page devoted to Spanish regional wines is featured in the back of the menu (you can also see countless bottles of wine stored throughout the restaurant).  After all, what’s Spanish comida without vino?

A complimentary bread basket, paired with allioli (Spanish aioli), is presented to each table, providing guests with an excellent precursor to the main meal.  Good complimentary items are always a good indication of superb food.  The white bread is fresh, soft, and absolutely amazing when paired with the garlic and olive oil sauce.  The allioli has such an intense, concentrated flavor that it leaves you wanting more, and more.  It is so potent that, hours after you leave the restaurant, you will still have this delectable garlic taste lingering in your mouth.


A potato egg omelet, Tortilla de Patatas seems like a rather simple dish.  But the flavor and texture is unbeatable.  The vibrant yellow omelet is as delicate as a slice of cake – the potatoes and eggs just dissolve in your mouth upon contact.  Eggs are fluffy like flawlessly scrambled eggs; potatoes are cooked until soft and are buttery.  Although the outer layer appears burnt, you wouldn’t even notice it in the taste.  Also on the dish are slices of cucumbers and a lettuce leaf that also go well with the potato omelet.  Tortilla de Patatas is an excellent starter, hands down.


Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha – grilled chicken breasts – is a breathtaking presentation served with perfectly fried potatoes and a medley of colorful vegetables – bell peppers, onions, green peas, as well as a side salad of shredded carrots, raw onions, cucumbers, and lettuce.  The chicken breasts are superb, every bite juicy and succulent.  Well seasoned and perfectly grilled, the meat is to die for and matches with the potatoes and vegetables extremely well.  The thick slices of melt-in-your-mouth potatoes are masterfully prepared.  The salad is rather austere, though the carrots add a nice hint of sweetness.  Each element dances the flamenco, or the salsa, or the tango in your mouth, depending on how you coordinate it.  Price for the entire dish is a tad steep (13,90 €), but the flavors are on par and presentation is picture perfect.

The service is exquisite and utterly attentive.  Very courteous and friendly, the Spanish staff further adds to the brilliant dining experience and make for a relaxed evening.  The only shortcoming about the restaurant is possibly the long wait time.  The chefs prepare each dish to order and ensure beautiful presentation so finely that it may take fifteen to twenty minutes for your entrée to arrive at your table.  However, regardless of what you order, your patience will certainly be rewarded.

If you are unable to afford a flight to the southern region of Spain for a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine, Andalucia Spanish Restaurant in Mannheim is quite possibly the next best thing.  All of the dishes, from the tapas to the main entrées, are superbly executed, delicious by any measure.  Add in the extraordinary selection of dishes, live entertainment, and outstanding service and you have a successful restaurant.  Andalucia represents Spain extremely well and deserves a visit.  ¡Buen provecho!



Andalucia is THE Spanish restaurant to go for traditional Spanish cuisine.  From a wide selection of tapas, to freshly prepared seafood and meats, to mouthwatering desserts, along with live Flamenco dancing on specific nights, Andalucia offers a truly authentic Spanish flair in a cozy dining environment.  Pleasant dining area outside, in front of the restaurant.  Prices reasonable.  Service extremely friendly and amiable.  Spanish spoken.  Highly recommended.

Hours: Daily: 5:00 PM – 5:00 AM


Overall – 5 stars

  • Tortilla de Patatas – 5/5
  • Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha – 4.5/5
  • Service – 5/5



Written by geschmack

June 19th, 2010 at 11:55 pm