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Subway Heidelberg

Hauptstraße 183 69117 Heidelberg

You may be wondering why I ate at a Subway in Germany.  After all, there are so many varieties of food to choose from here.  Well, simply put, I just wanted to observe the differences (if any) between Subways in America and in Deutschland.

After stopping by the Subway on the Hauptstraße late this afternoon, I can confirm that there aren’t many differences.  The sandwiches are made fresh, right before your eyes.  When you order your sub, the employee asks which type of bread you want, questions whether you want it toasted, if you want all the vegetables (green bell peppers, pickles, sliced cucumbers, red onions, chopped green lettuce, sliced tomatoes, black olives, and jalapeños) in it, and finally asks which type of sauce you desire.  Sauce?  Well, this last part was the only slight variation that I noticed (more explained below!).

They also sell a variety of potato chips here.  Walkers, owned by Frito-Lay, is the main brand sold here with typical flavors such as salt & vinegar and barbeque.  However, there are other brands of chips too.  Of course, Subways here also sell cookies.


I ordered the turkey and ham sandwich.  A typical 6 inch turkey and ham costs 3,48 EUR, but luckily there are valuable coupons available on their website.  Hence, with a buy one, get one free coupon, I was able to get a whole foot long turkey and ham sub for 3,48 euros!  It was still more expensive than the $5 subs in the states, but it was nonetheless a good deal.  I also grabbed a bag of roast chicken flavored Walkers potato crisps – a 34.5 gram bag – that cost 0,99 EUR.

The toasted Italian bread was exactly like back home.  Inside, there were 4 slices of turkey and 4 slices of ham.  There was also Swiss cheese triangles sandwiched between the meat and vegetables.  Of course, I asked for all the vegetables in my sub to complete the meal.  I noticed that they didn’t automatically add mayonnaise, mustard, oil, vinegar, or black pepper here.  Instead, the employee asked what type of sauce I wanted.  She mentioned a scharf (spicy) or suß (sweet) dressing that can be added.  Looking for an adventure, I opted for the spicy sauce.  It turned out to be just like the spicy sauce from the kebab restaurant – orange and only a minute jolt of fire on my tongue.  Apparently, it was the southwest sauce available at USA chain stores.  Nevertheless, it was something I never tried before and it added a lot of delicious flavor to the sandwich.


The sandwich as a whole was definitely tasty and flavorsome – enhanced by the addition of the sauce.  The amount of ingredients was perfect and definitely a healthy meal.  The roast chicken flavored chips tasted more like the thin slices of chicken breast you would find in the ham section of a supermarket – good, but not spectacular.

I was quite surprised by the open space in the fast food place.  There were plenty of tables and everything was spotless.  Even the restrooms looked modern and well maintained.

Overall, I cannot complain about anything.  The sandwich was spot-on in terms of what I was looking for and the addition of the sauce was definitely a new, exciting experience.  It was an appetizing reminder of American sandwiches back home.



Subway is a global American fast food franchise specializing in submarine sandwiches and salads.  Free refills available (self serve) at this location.

Overall – 4 stars

  • Turkey and Ham Sub – 4.5/5
  • Walkers Roast Chicken Potato Crisps – 4/5
  • Service – 5/5



Written by geschmack

October 29th, 2009 at 10:36 pm